On the 12th December 2010, we adopted a local kitten and we named him Blinky. He is madly handsome and borderline vain. The finest of his attributes & he is frightfully sentient of it and uses his hallmark to cover up other character defects such as vandalising the office wall paper and the meeting table. Given his appetite for destruction one regularly wishes he was quarantined in solitary confinement, however he is so adorable. He loves people, always snuggling, wanting attention, playing hide and seek, another cat though, he likes other cats, and therefore we feed other stray cats too. Our office has become a centre of helping ’cat refugees’. We get cuddles when needed, lots of love and it is nice waking up to his purring, very good at getting rid of insects. He is a spoilt cat, dominating multiple personal spaces around the office, sleeps 16 hours a day, enjoys classical and modern music, and his ’12′ ft x ’20′ ft ‘TV Screen’ (office glass front) everyday. He likes corn and kembung fish. He likes to be called ‘handsome boy’. His greatest hunt achievement was a bat. Blinky is irreplaceable and he is our source of daily inspiration and strength. We will miss him dearly.